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For Crypto Projects. No Fiat. Branding. Rebranding. Presentations. Merchandise designs.
Real team.

What is GEMCUT?

We create brands, logos, as well as corporate identities, websites, whitepapers, roadmaps, banners and advertising campaigns for cryptocurrency projects. We can provide your marketing materials at conferences and make your merch designs. It will be our pleasure to help you with advice on how to promote your project or steer it out of crisis.


Project renaissance

A key part of our activity involves renaissance of dying startups, which have built a great product and team but failed with marketing and communications (e.g. projects started by programmers).
A complete rebranding is a perfect opportunity to set off for a long journey.

Real Service

GEMCUT project is initially based on real service, provided by real people.

We pursue two clear goals:

Making profit from the real services provision.
Support for crypto community and maximum transparency.

That is why we decided not to conduct ICO or any other sales of our tokens. Moreover, our tokens are not ends in themselves and will be created in the second phase of the project life cycle.

Crypto2Crypto Services

  • Branding and rebranding
  • Presentations
  • Merchandise designs
  • Website designs
  • Complete marketing and promotion
  • Creating and editing of Whitepapers
  • Creating and editing of Roadmaps
  • UI/UX & design for a wallet

Our team do not render services for fiat. Being crypto enthusiasts, we provide services only for token projects we entered into agreement with.

Discuss a project

We can discuss a project by personal messaging:

twitter discord


We accept payments for token projects we work with. Currently, masternode projects are preferred. The minimum threshold for starting work is 1 masternode in tokens of your project.
We do not sell masternodes on exchanges but block them in wallets, thus creating a fund for our project. Tokens awarded for masternodes are used for our project development.
Therefore, the more customers we have the more sustainable and distributed our project is.
Moreover, all wallets with masternodes are available on our website and the data on masternodes start is always open.
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Our partners

You can see a list of projects we work with and our wallets in the public domain.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We are sorry but we can't help everyone. Decisions whether to work with a project or not remain with GEMCUT.

Our goals

We are planning to launch our masternode token in the nearest future (Whitepaper TBA).

The purpose of this token is not to get immediate benefit from market operations, but to create a loyalty system for our customers in the real world (businesses beyond the crypto community).

A business buys our masternode, blocks it and gets a substantial discount on our services. The more masternodes you have, the bigger discount you get.

Besides, you can pay for our services with our project tokens (including with the awarded tokens for masternodes).


Q3 2018
  • GEMCUT Start
  • PR & Announcement
  • Proposal campaign
  • Team setting
Q4 2018
  • 6 CryptoProjects in work
  • Conference participation
  • Whitepaper
Q1 2019
  • 10 CryptoProjects in work
  • GEMCUT Token development
Q2 2019
  • 5 nonCrypro projects in work
  • Listing on small exchanges
Q3 2019
  • TBA